Annual Pace-IICL Vis Online Pre-Moot (eVis Pre-Moot)

Vis Moot competitors from every corner of the globe are invited to prepare for the Vienna and Hong Kong competitions via a one-week online pre-moot event.

*Please note until further notice, the IICL will not be hosting an online Vis pre-moot for the upcoming competition.

How do I register?

Teams should register here: TEAM REGISTRATION (currently disabled) 

Arbitrators should register here: ARBITRATOR REGISTRATION (currently disabled)

Who may participate?

Teams registered to compete in the  Vis Arbitration Moot in Vienna and Hong Kong. 

What is the registration fee?

There is NO registration fee for teams to participate.  Event costs are covered by the sponsors.

Do I need to buy software or equipment for my computer?

No.  Participants can access the "Zoom" platform from their desktop, tablet or smartphone for no additional charge.  Participants will receive a link (via email) to access the platform on the day and time of their assigned round.  Special video-conferencing services are not required and the platform does not generally require special IT accomodation to function.  Participants should ensure that they have speakers, microphone and camera attached to their computer.

How do I know the technology will work on the day of my scheduled argument?

The best way to ensure that the technology will be working properly is to attend one of our "test sessions" from the device and location you will be at during the actual practice round.  This will enable us to confirm proper connectivity and trouble-shoot, if necessary.  The most important piece to a successful practice round is the strength and reliability of your internet connection.  It is best to be stationary during the session, and have a direct line to your connection (instead of wireless), if possible.  You can register for a test session on the registration form.

How many practice rounds can we participate in?

On the registration form, teams will be asked how many practice rounds they would like assigned (maximum 2), and on which days and times they are available (only the two teams members arguing must appear, although the rest of the team, coaches and supporters are welcome to attend online).  The IICL will endeavor to schedule the requested number of practice rounds for your team during the online pre-moot.

When will my team receive the online pre-moot schedule?

Approximately one week before the pre-moot, the IICL will send each team an email with the assigned day and time for the team's oral argument practice session(s). Teams can identify scheduling preferences on the registration form. The IICL will endeavor to schedule the requested number of practice rounds for your team during the period of the pre-moot.

* Please note that, unlike in-person pre-moots, we schedule hearings to accomodate multiple time zones.  As such, it is very challenging to accomodate last minute scheduling changes and cannot guarantee a replacement round in case of cancellation.  All cancellations must be received as early as possible, and no later than within 24 hours of the starting time.   

We were scheduled for a practice round, but never received a link.  What happenned?

If a team does not appear online for their first scheduled argument (and did not email providing notice 24 hours prior) all of their subsequent scheduled practice rounds will be immediately canceled.  This is to enable the IICL to find a reliable replacement. 

If this is not the case, please email to receive your link to access the platform (please do not send unless you have not received a link by the morning of your scheduled practice round).

We were scheduled for a practice round and the other team did not show up.  What do we do?

If the arbitrators have appeared, you should present your argument.  Your online Pace host will send the IICL an email update, and we will attempt to schedule an additional practice round with another team.

If we incur technical problems or otherwise during the practice round, what shall we do?

The Pace International Law Review will be organizing a "host" (Pace law student) to be virtually present during every round.  They will help troubleshoot any problems that could occur during the practice round.

Will the practice rounds be recorded?

Yes, the practice rounds will be recorded and posted online with restricted password protected access to view.  Only teams members and coaches related to the practice round are permitted to view the recording.  Recordings should not be shared with other persons or teams.  Any violation of this rule will prevent a school from participating in future online pre-moots hosted by the IICL.

My school has registered two teams, one for the Vienna moot, and one for the Hong Kong moot.  Shall we register for the pre-moot twice?

Yes, if schools are sending two different teams of students to the moots, they both may register separately for the pre-moot.  However, if the same students are attending both moots, they should only register once.

I registered for the pre-moot and then received information about who we will be competing against in Hong Kong and Vienna.  There is a conflict.  What do I do now?

Teams are responsible to ensure that they do not engage in a practice round against a team they will be competing against in Hong Kong or Vienna. If a conflict arises, please contact at the earliest opportunity to enable a scheduling change. Depending on the timing of the notification, the IICL may not be able to schedule a substitute practice round.

Who can participate as an arbitrator?

Team coaches, former moot participants, lawyers, dispute resolution professionals, and contracts professionals.  Team members cannot participate as arbitrators.

Can I only participate in one practice round as an arbitrator or do I have to register for four rounds?

Arbitrators are invited to participate in one, two, three or four practice rounds, and will be scheduled according to the preference indicated in the registration form.

What Inspired the Pace-IICL Vis Online Pre-Moot?

The idea for the CISG Database was born in response to a comment made by one of the Vis moot teams during the first moot.  A team mentioned to Albert H. Kritzer that they weren’t sure how competitive they could be in the memorandum drafting phase of the competition, as their library did not have a CISG collection and they didn’t otherwise have the money to invest in the relevant books.   This comment was made right at the same time the world wide web was emerging, and Professor Kritzer seized on the new technology to help level the playing field amongst moot competitors via an open access database providing comprehensive reporting on CISG materials.  What started as a moot initiative has helped shape the world’s understanding and application of international sales law. 

Fast-forward 20 years and the Pace CISG Database is recognized internationally and the Moot attracts nearly 300 teams from over 60 countries.  One of the most interesting phenomenon of the Moot is the emergence of pre-moots to help teams prepare for the oral argument competition phase in Vienna or Hong Kong.  However, these pre-moots are not available to all and once again the playing field in not quite level.  However, as with the case 20 years ago, the Institute has seized upon emerging technology to help level the playing field.  The IICL has organized the online pre-moot to provide mooters from every corner of the globe an equal opportunity to obtain the pre-moot experience before competing in Vienna or Hong Kong.  We hope it aids in your preparation and we wish you all the best in your mooting experience!