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Autonomous Network of CISG Websites

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Nature of the Network

The foundation of the Autonomous Network of CISG Websites is collegiality. The Internet is a very inexpensive and effective way for us to cooperate in this manner.

This is a uniform law network. The world's uniform international sales law belongs to each country and to all countries. To help one another, we share experience and lessons learned. Each national or regional website provider designs its site to best serve traders and counsel of its home market; together we serve the world market. The network is synergetic -- the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Sir Roger Bannister: The Four Minute Mile

"Relive one of the great moments in sports history: Roger Bannister's classic memoir of how he became the first to break the four-minute barrier in the mile." Franklin Press.

Uniform law: CISG article 7(1): The jurisconsultorium barrier

We too seek to break a barrier: a jurisconsultorium barrier. We seek to help set in place a global jurisconsultorium on uniform law for jurists and arbitrators of all jurisdictions, counsel who plead before them, law students, and scholars who comment -- to enable them to have an improved opportunity to consider doctrine and jurisprudence on uniform law from all jurisdictions, including jurisdictions other than their own.

When Roger Bannister broke his barrier, others proceeded to break this barrier in better ways than Bannister. Their successors learn from Bannister and from them. We seek the same. Pursuant to the mandate recited in Article 7(1) of the CISG, we seek to help break a jurisconsultorium barrier for an important uniform law. There are other important uniform laws with similar mandates. The methodology we implement together can also be applied to them. When others do so, their achievements will delight -- as occurred with Bannister's successors. We will learn from them. We will improve our service to our profession and to the world community.

We encourage scholars of all countries to join this endeavor. We will do our best to help you enrich your presentation by providing useful material for you to link to, as do all of the other network sites.

Our invitation

Help traders and counsel of your country

The Autonomous Network of CISG Websites is not yet worldwide. Help make it so. For countries/languages not yet represented, consider a comparable service for your country. The elements of the typical network website consist of a text of the uniform law in one's language; a bibliography of scholarly writings on the uniform law that are of special interest to traders and counsel of one's market, with texts of such articles presented to the extent available; and data on emerging case law from one's market, with links to other network websites. email:

Current Website colleagues

Africa. The CISG-Africa website is edited by Prof. Siegfried Eiselen, University of South Africa, and hosted at his university.

China. Translation and abstracts are provided by various law students and attorneys engaged in the CISG.

Czech Republic. JUDr. Petr Dobias, Ph.D, MBA, MCIArb, CEVRO Institute, Department of Private Law, Prague, Czech Republic.

Egypt.​ Ibrahim Shehata, Shehata & Partners.


Israel. Center for Commercial Law, Bar Ilan University. Dr. Arie Reich <>.

Japan. Yasutoshi Ishida 

Latvia. University of Groningen, Faculty of Law. Dr. Laura Ratniece 

Nordic States. CISG Nordic provides coverage for all five Nordic States - Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Portugal. Cesar Pires

Republic of Korea (South Korea). Jamie Y Kim, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Russian Federation: Kutafin Moscow State Law University under the supervision of Ms. Tatiana Chupakhina

Switzerland. Hosted by the University of Basel, is a successor to the CISG online website of the University of Freiburg.

Spain. Madrid CAM awards submitted within the framework of an agreement between CAM and MAI (Master on International Advocacy), David
Ramos and  María Pilar Perales Viscasillas. 

Thailand. The CISG-Thailand website is hosted by Sripatum University and edited by Dr. Jumpita Ruangvichathorn

Turkey. Translation and abstracts are provided by various law students and attorneys engaged in the CISG.

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