Introductions to the CISG

Primers on the CISG from common law and civil law perspectives

An overlay

Visualizing CISG

COVID19 and the CISG

Force Majeure and Hardship in the Age of Corona: A Historical and Comparative Study (2020)

COVID-19: Force Majeure under the CISG (2020)

CISG hardship exemption in the time of COVID-19 (2020)

The Effects of COVID-19 on International Contracts: A Comparative Overview (2020)

Hardship Within the Scope of CISG (2020)

Global sales law in a global pandemic: The CISG as the applicable law to the EU-AstraZeneca Advance Purchase Agreement? (2021)

Example of disputes arising due to COVID19: US (2021); Belgium AstraZeneca (2021); Netherlands (2021)

2019 Commentary

CISG and Tech Related Matters


Recent CIETAC Analysis (2019)

A view from South Africa

  • Analysis by Sieg Eiselen of South Africa. Analysis of: The need for unification of international sales law; Development of the CISG; Other methods to achieve legal unification or solve problems of international sales; The case for adoption; The case against adoption; Experience with the CISG thus far.

A view on Turkey- U.S. Contracts

Other analyses

Seminal text

Other primers on the CISG have been prepared by law revision commissions or authorities from many countries. For citations to them, see the Bibliography on the CISG.


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