CISG Database Editorial Staff and Board

CISG Database Advisory Board

The IICL has the benefit of receiving guidance, feedback and suggestions on our CISG Database from leading authorities in the community:

Monica Canafoglia

Professor Sieg Eiselen

Vikki Rogers

Professor Ulrich Schroeter

Professor Lisa Spagnolo

Professor Hiroo Sono

Research Assistants

The IICL was fortunate to work with a talented group of research assistants from around the world to assist in the migration of information from the old to the new CISG Database.  The release of the new Database would not have been possible without them:

Rana Marie Abihabib
Brianne Cunningham
Fahira Brodlija
Polina S. Danilenko
Monica Calderon
Faizi Jamil
Ewelina Kemp

Maria Gabriela Martinez
Esma Onal
Pia Piskernik
Boris Prastalo
Nika Rasadina
Nicolas Paez Viteri


CISG Database Contributing Editors

Thomas Neumann, Contributing Editor (Contracting States)

Professor Neumann updated the Database sections related to the "Identification of Contracting States" (including our Table of Contracting States and individual State webpages explaining State-specific declarations and reservations) during the migration of data into the new CISG Database.  Professor Neumann now continues his role as editor of this section.  Full biography >>

Nevena Jevremovic, Contributing Editor

Nevena played an integral role in the migration of data into the new CISG Database during her tenure as an IICL Research Fellow in 2016-2017.